Wendy and I spent a day up in Crown King, Arizona. Here are some photos I took along the way and in the town of Crown King. Click on the photos to see them full-size.

We drove up I-17 and then took the exit for Crown King. About 1/2 way there is Cordes Station. This used to be ‘the’ stop prior to I-17 being built. We stopped for a soda and took a stroll around the back where there are a number of old cars.

Cordes Station, Arizona


Old Truck at Cordes Station

Old Gas Pump at Cordes Station


And finally, here is a shot of the Saloon in Crown King. The day we visited was ATV Appreciation Day. It was very colorful with all the riders wearing race and riding gear. I thought I’d pump up the color in this photo to match all those wildly colorful outfits.

Saloon at Crown King