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I am currently the Director of Client Services at Vertical Measures, in charge of developing efficient processes in order to improve overall productivity and quality of client services including; link building, social media marketing and content development. I have a wealth of experience in marketing and advertising. Starting out in newspaper advertising, I've seen the transformation of print to digital. For the past 15 years, I've been involved in online marketing, developing extensive PPC programs and organic SEO tactics, resulting in a significant growth, traffic, and revenue for clients. I'm an accomplished public speaker and present frequently on advertising and online marketing topics. + Mike Huber

Link Building

So you thought you knew a lot about link building?  Even if you've been link building for years, I invite you to take a look at Stoney G deGeyte's new Link Building Secrets 2012.  In the guide Stoney asked some of the world's best link building experts to share a secret that they couldn't live without.  The response was overwhelming and the benefit is yours.  Check

Fixing Your Site After ‘Panda’

Many webmasters where hit by the Panda update because of their 'thin' content.  We often talk to clients that tell us their product is boring and they can't think of anything that would be fun or compelling.  Check out Arnie Kuenn's newest post about how to 'thicken' your content. He describes 6 ways to make your content more exciting and engaging to your readers and

9 ways to improve your on-site blog

One of the best ways to get exposure for your brand is to keep an on-site blog. An on-site blog can help you establish yourself as an industry expert, keep customers and potential partners aware of the latest with your company or institution, and help improve your search engine rankings. The most important thing to remember when developing your blog is that you must provide

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