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I am currently the Director of Client Services at Vertical Measures, in charge of developing efficient processes in order to improve overall productivity and quality of client services including; link building, social media marketing and content development. I have a wealth of experience in marketing and advertising. Starting out in newspaper advertising, I've seen the transformation of print to digital. For the past 15 years, I've been involved in online marketing, developing extensive PPC programs and organic SEO tactics, resulting in a significant growth, traffic, and revenue for clients. I'm an accomplished public speaker and present frequently on advertising and online marketing topics. + Mike Huber

10 Tips To Help You Never Miss A Deadline

Missing deadlines is among the cardinal sins of the workplace. Without proper time management skills, you are likely to find yourself frantically trying to beat a deadline at the last minute. Missing deadlines can slow down projects and put your employment in jeopardy. Procrastination is the cradle of missing deadlines but overcoming the vice is possible through dedication and planning. Below are some tips that

iPhone Apps – How They Help Grow Your Business

It’s hard to get around the fact – iPhone apps will improve your business. You might be super tech-savvy in your personal life and constantly attached to your iPhone. You might think that computers belong at work and phones attached to the wall hiring. Either way, hiring an iPhone app developer to design your business's own app is an investment that pays off in many

Surfer Dude

I was recently in Coronado, California and saw this statue near the beach.  I did a quick HDR tone application to the original. .

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